How May I Help You?


Thomas Markersen: Clinical psychologist, educated cand. psych. from the University of Copenhagen and authorized and certified by the Ministry of Social Affairs. Practitioner since 2005.


In the following I will briefly summarize my psychotherapeutic methods.


Unpacking your situation

The first method is not really a method, rather it consists of getting you to tell your story. 


What is your situation? 

Who and what is important in your life? 

How would you like to be helped? 

What do you need from the psychotherapy?

What are your expectations for our conversations? 

Would you like to delve into and consider your past and relationships? 

Do you want to reflect and develop self-insight? 

Do you need coaching to get going in life? 

Would you like “homework” after each session? 

All in all: What do you need and how do we go about securing that?



My primary method when working with you is cognitive behavioral therapy. This method is especially good when the problems presented are concrete such as anxiety attacks, depressive states or for example issues with jealousy. The exercises, handouts and worksheets developed within cognitive behavioural therapy are easy for clients to grasp and easy to use. This method has the advantage that it immediately gives you, the client, a sense of relief and sense of control. 


When your problems are more deeply rooted and persistent we draw on psychodynamic theories and techniques. Among other things our task is to find the connection between your current problems and your past. When considering your past through visualization exercises, personality tests and writing exercises we uncover the circumstances that led to the narratives/schemata/basic assumptions/rules of living about your life, that keep causing you the same problems. This method has a revelatory feel to it: Many clients draw a huge sigh of relief and experience a sense of freedom when they integrate the traumas from their childhood into their adult psyche. In essence this method gives you the opportunity to gather up, comprehend, love and integrate hitherto never validated childhood experiences. This work on yourself is also called to “work with your inner child”. It is a profoundly effective method regarding the more personality- and trauma related deeply seated issues.   


When it comes to couples therapy I primarily work as a “communications coach”. This means that I help couples get better at communicating with each other. Authenticity, vulnerability and compassion are explicit and necessary virtues in this space. Apart from training couples in becoming better at communicating I draw on various techniques such as personality tests, home assignments and theories, knowledge and my clinical experience with topics such as betrayal, forgiveness, feelings of being rejected, unfaithfulness and reconnecting. 


When the trials and tribulations of your existence escape neat categories you will be pleased to know that there are methods for this too. These methods are called existential. The process has two legs: One is about accepting life – realising the profound complexity of life and “the certainty of uncertainty” if you like. The other one is finding your thing, your core values and goals in life. This entails you developing your own wisdom to go about securing yourself a meaningful life. Our job is here to help you discover your own wisdom and the joy of engaging yourself in life.   

Do not hesitate to write me or call me if you have any questions or need more information: / +45 28700900. I work evenings Mondays and Tuesdays.  

(You can use your health insurance with me. Also I sometimes work with businesses and make deals on coaching incl. moms which is fully deductible.)

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